Waterfront Shores development

20 Jul Waterfront Shores development

Pier 8 will be seeing some major changes in the future years to come. On June 13, 2018, City Council confirmed the selection of The Waterfront Shores Corporation as the Preferred Proponent of the Pier 8 Development Opportunity RFP process. This means that Waterfront Shores now has the exclusive right to negotiate contracts with the City to purchase, redesign, and develop Pier 8 land, starting with a proposal.

Waterfront Shores has proposed a plan to develop new residential and commercial condos at Pier 8. These condos, consisting of 9 blocks, will include amenities including a fitness centre, a parking ramp, bicycle/locker space, retail, and restaurants. If approved, all locations would be no more than a walking distance from each other, providing excellent accessibility. The ambitious plan also focuses on the needs of environmental sustainability. One environmental goal of the project is to eliminate natural gas consumption through wastewater heat recovery, geothermal heating/cooling, solar photovoltaics and battery storage micro-grids. Pier 8 will be the testing and showcase platform of the Hamilton-based green technologies.

“This will be a landmark City development, as it not only continues our development of the West Harbour waterfront but also will generate significant financial returns for the City. As a multi-use residential, commercial and institutional development, Pier 8 will become a showcase of innovative design and provide open public spaces for all. From its inception to its completion, it’s where people will want to live, work, play and visit,” said Chris Phillips, Senior Advisor, West Harbour Re-development Project.

Plans for the West Harbour of Hamilton as a whole include new residential communities, recreational uses, year-round attractions, and economic opportunity through factors such as development, employment, tourism, and culture.


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