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26 Jun Hamilton transportation plans

It seems that Main St being converted to a two-way street is the best course of action for LRT development, as both East and Westbound traffic are likely to be affected.

Hamilton traffic planners say that it is possible for Main St E to be converted into a two-way street, but doing it now would cause complications with the 403.

A master plan designed to guide Hamilton’s transportation and traffic decisions for the next few years was presented last Wednesday to city council’s general issue committee.

According to Director of transportation planning and parking, Brian Hollingsworth, the Main and Queen St intersection sees 300 more vehicles during rush hour than its capacity of 2,400.

“There’s still a bit of a gap in terms of accommodating the existing volume,” says Hollingsworth.

The report predicts traffic congestion will increase with population, but should still be the same in 2031 if Hamilton sets and meets targets for walking, cycling, and transit.

With King St being made a two-way street in most areas as part of the LRT plan, Ward 2 councillor, Jason Farr, says he wants the city to convert Main Street as well. Hamilton is used to the one-way streets, but examples around the world show that two-way streets are safer and better for the community.

Ward 8 councillor, Terry Whitehead, says the LRT is all the more reason to leave Main St alone, and “the traffic we’re currently getting has demonstrated a need.”

City councillors didn’t vote on the plan Wednesday but tabled it so they can review which measures are funded or where the money would come from.


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